The Committee on the Place of Women in the Church

The Committee on the Place of Women in the Church was organized at the 1953 General Assembly with the purpose of investigating the possibility of ordaining women as elders and ministers. This group was responsible for all of the reports and studies that were sent down to the presbyteries and ultimately they made the recommendation that women should be ordained as elders and ministers. Louis H. Fowler was the original Convener of the Committee, and was later replaced by Eoin S. MacKay in 1960. The Committee was disbanded after the 1966 General Assembly.

Task Force on Liberty and Conscience as it pertains to the Ordination of Women

This task force was created in 1981 following a series of petitions, memorials and overtures. While there was an Act granting the ordination of women, many Churches refused to follow and appealed for exemptions to that Act. This task force examined the validity of the exemptions and the other issues raised on the topic to discount the new Church policy. The task force met 3 times over 6 months, before coming to the conclusion that the decision made in 1966 must be upheld, and no exemptions would be permitted. The members of the Task Force were:

Margaret Taylor (Convener)
Jean Armstrong
Dr. Eric Beggs
Ralph Brown
Anthony Dallison
Mario DiGiangi
Cae Dickson
Irene Dickson
George Hutchison
Alexandra Johnston
Hans Kouwenberg
William Klempa
Desmond Maxwell
Donald C. MacDonald
Sheldon MacKenzie
Margaret McNaughton
Gordon Ross
Donald Smith
Lorna Teare
George Vais
Harry McWilliams


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