Web Archiving Program

The Presbyterian Church Archives is beginning a program to archive congregational websites and social media posts. This means that we will be collecting and preserving histories, photographs, videos and other valuable online content. Web archiving allows us to keep a permanent copy of important documents and visuals that help to tell the story of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, even after a website no longer exists. Congregations are encouraged to take part in this program and assist in the preservation of congregational materials.

How does this work?

Web Archiving uses a software to capture the content on webpages and preserve it on a database for future access. Content includes text, photos, videos, and documents (i.e. pdfs). This is an easy and accessible way for the Archives to collect the digital content produced by congregations across Canada.

What can I do?

Please take a moment to read the privacy agreement and complete a brief online form below to agree to have your congregation’s website and/or social media pages added to our digital database.

In partnership with Community Webs, Archive-IT, and Internet Archive.

Community Webs is a program offered to Canadian cultural heritage organizations to increase how they are represented in the historical record. The database and software are provided through Archive-IT, which runs under the Internet Archive. The software allows The Presbyterian Church Archives to create a digital collection for all congregations’ web pages. To view how web archiving works, check out the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine!

Have questions about the program? Reach out to our Archivists here.

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