Presbyterianism in Canada 150 Years Ago

“Great and momentous events are in the future. We are on the eve apparently of a great political change in these British North American Provinces.” – The Home and Foreign Record of the Canada Presbyterian Church, January 1867


150 years ago Presbyterianism in Canada was quite different than it is now. In 1867 there were five separate branches of the church. While each had distinctions from the others, some were very similar and all were beginning to consider closer relations. This exhibit is designed to provide snapshots of the Presbyterian Church of 1867. Sources from many areas of the Archives tell us the interests, concerns, and goings-on of the five branches 150 years ago.

This Project has been made possible [in part] by the Government of Canada through the Young Canada Works and Heritage Organizations Program. « Ce projet a été rendu possible [en partie] grâce au gouvernement du Canada par de Jeunesse Canada au travail et le Programme des organismes patrimoniaux». This exhibit was created by the Archives summer project archivist, Kate Campbell.


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