These are the first women to have been ordained as Ministers in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.*

Shirley Jeffery

Shirley Jeffery – May 26, 1968 (London Presbytery)

Anne Wightman

Anne Wightman -May 8, 1969 (Stratford-Huron Presbytery)

Irene Dickson

Irene Dickson -September 24, 1972 (East Toronto Presbytery)

Evelyn Carpenter

Evelyn Carpenter -November 28, 1973 (East Toronto Presbytery)

Nan Flindall

Nan Flindall -May 9, 1974 (Barrie Presbytery)

Mary Farmery

Mary Farmery -September 8, 1974 (Brampton Presbytery)

Helen Goggin

Helen Goggin -October 6, 1974 (Brampton Presbytery)

Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose -May 4, 1975 (Niagara Presbytery)

Mae Davidson

Mae Davidson -September 4, 1975 (West Toronto Presbytery)

Donna Riseborough

Donna Riseborough -May 9 1976 (Brampton Presbytery)

Linda Corry

Linda Corry -October 3, 1976 (Montreal Presbytery)

Judith Archer

Judith Archer -May 18, 1977 (West Toronto Presbytery)

Iona MacLean

Iona MacLean -May 31, 1977 (Halifax-Lunenburg Presbytery)

Sheina Smith

Sheina Smith -June 26, 1977 (Montreal Presbytery)

Alison Stewart Patterson

Alison Stewart Patterson -September 19, 1977 (Montreal Presbytery)

Venus Bibawi

Venus Bibawi -December 11, 1977 (Sarnia Presbytery)

Iris Ford

Iris Ford -January 19, 1978 (Westminster Presbytery)

Caroline Lockerbie

Caroline Lockerbie -January 29, 1978 (Calgary-MacLeod Presbytery)

Carrie Doehring

Carrie Doehring -May 14, 1978 (Montreal Presbytery)

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson -May 14, 1978 (Ottawa Presbytery)

Nancy Lynn Cocks

Nancy Lynn Cocks -May 28, 1978 (Saskatchewan Synod)

Susan Margaret Triantafillou -June 20, 1978 (Saskatchewan Synod)

Katherine Sean Mitchie

Katherine Sean Mitchie -May 13, 1979 (East Toronto Presbytery)

Ruth Syme

Ruth Syme -May 16, 1979 (Montreal Presbytery)

Nora Agnes Gorham

Nora Agnes Gorham -May 27, 1979 (East Toronto Presbytery)

Mabel Henderson

Mabel Henderson -May 29, 1979 (Montreal Presbytery)

Helen Smith

Helen Smith -June 10, 1979 (East Toronto Presbytery)

Linda Ashfield

Linda Ashfield -June 10, 1979 (Ottawa Presbytery)

Dorothy Bulmer

Dorothy Bulmer -June 15, 1979 (Lindsay-Peterborough Presbytery)

Shirley Herman

Shirley Herman -June 17, 1979 (Montreal Presbytery)

Jean Armstrong

Jean Armstrong -June 19, 1979 (Montreal Presbytery)

Wendy Paton

Wendy Paton -June 24, 1979 (Brampton Presbytery)

Ruth MacLean

Ruth MacLean -September 9, 1979 (London Presbytery)

Florence Palmer

Florence Palmer -September 19, 1979 (Lake-of-the-Woods Presbytery)

*all names have been taken from Acts and Proceedings


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