First Female Elders

Joan McInnes of St. Andrew’s Church, Arthur, Ont. and Wynn Thomas of Fallingbrook Church, Scarborough, Ont. were both ordained as elders on July 3, 1966.

Wynn Thomas

Click to enlarge. Wynn Thomas, one of the first female elders, ordained July 3, 1966.

Joan McInnes

Click to enlarge. Joan McInnes, one of the first women ordained as an elder, on July 3, 1966.

First Female Moderators

There have been four female Moderators at General Assembly:

1992 -Linda Bell
1996 -Tamiko Corbett
2005 -Jean Morris
2006 -Wilma Welsh

Linda Bell

1992 Moderator Linda Bell

Jean Morris

2005 Moderator Jean Morris

Tamiko Corbett

1996 Moderator Tamiko Corbett

Wilma Welsh

2006 Moderator Wilma Welsh

First Female Commissioners

At the 1967 General Assembly, Addie Forrester and Mary Whale became the first female Commissioners.

Addie Forrester and Mary Whale

1967 Commissioners Addie Forrester and Mary Whale

The Church Today

As of 2014, there are approximately 362 female ministers in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

There were approximately 3563 female elders in 2014, making up 49.9% of the total elders in the Church.

*2014 Statistics are from Acts and Proceedings and the 2014 Congregational Statistical Reports


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