Private Papers

Private Papers of Ministers, Moderators, Missionaries

The following is a list of some of the larger collections (or “fonds”) for which we have Finding Aids

 Anderson – The Duncan Anderson fonds
Baird – The Frank Baird fonds
Barr – The Robert Barr fonds
Bryden – The Walter Williamson Bryden fonds
Cochrane – The William Cochrane fonds
Coles – The Stuart Bowyer Coles fonds
Currie – The A. Currie fonds
Davidson – The Agnes Davidson fonds
Di Gangi – The Mariano Di Gangi fonds
Douglas – The George Lees Douglas fonds
Dunn – The Charles Alexander Dunn fonds
Eakin – The Thomas Eakin fonds
Farris – The Allan Farris fonds
Fesenko – The Michael Fesenko fonds
Gowland – The Arthur Gowland fonds
Grant – The Andrew Shaw Grant family fonds
Gregg – The William Gregg family fonds
Hay – The David W. Hay fonds
Jennings – The John Jennings fonds
Johnson – The Edward Hewlitt Johnson fonds
Johnston – The Geoffrey Deane Johnston fonds
Kennedy – The Margaret Kennedy fonds
Ketchen – The Hugh Beverley Ketchen fonds
Mackay – The George Leslie Mackay family fonds
MacMillan – The Alexander MacMillan family fonds
MacMurchy – The Bessie Margaret MacMurchy fonds
McCollum – The H.S. McCollum fonds
McDowall – The Robert McDowall fonds
Morley – The Frank Selkirk Morley fonds
Morton – The John Morton family fonds
Proudfoot – The William Proudfoot family fonds
Reid – The William Stanford Reid family fonds
Smith – The David Angus Smith fonds
Somerville – The John Somerville family fonds
Stark – The Mark Young Stark Family Fonds
Tawse – The John Tawse fonds
Taylor – The Margaret Taylor fonds